I have been identified as a "Constant Deliverer", where I aim to always receive rave reviews and kudos on sessions I have. I fell in love with photography in my teenage years because I loved being a servant to satisfying the subject's photographic wishes.

I understand your desire to document and preserve those special moments in your life but schedules are unforgiving at times. Being a product of a large family, I know how good it feels to review moments from a photography shoot.  My job is to ensure that your session leaves you EXCEEDINGLY satisfied with your experience with MoSeawell Photography and the heirlooms we create for your home and history. 

MoSeawell Photography is a Black Columbia, South Carolina Branding, Portrait, Milestone and Portrait Photographer specializing in providing an exciting, fun and memorable experience from our photography session. I strive to always deliver a pleasing session for each client, capturing those special moments that they can cherish forever. After the session is complete, we strive to deliver tangible products to our clients in the form of albums, acrylic prints, canvas prints and wall art.

The Mission is simple:

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I'm a proud African American graduate of South Carolina State University that captures images from Branding, Portrait, Milestone and Headshot Photography sessions. 

I really, really, REALLY like to exercise, so I may be strong for my clients and long days

My go-to breakfast is a bowl of oatmeal with a side of blueberries 

As a Black Male Photogapher, I am proud my daughter is a former Gerber Baby Milestone Winner  

I'm so glad you asked. I've a very laid-back guy with complicatedly simple interest, outside of Photography.  Here are 4 fun facts about MoSeawell 

A Black Male Photographer in Columbia, SC who specializes in Branding, Portrait, Milestone and Headshots

.. but who is MoSeawell?

Inquiring minds want to know ..